we caught up with wy for an intimate interview

  • question: We are loving your new single “High Score” Can you tell us a little about the backstory of that song? When was it written and recorded?
  • answer: “High Score” was originally written in the early stages of our ‘Marriage’ album, but the production and energy didn’t speak to us as we got further along, we felt we wanted something different. It was recorded in 2019 with Joakim Lindberg, just like our album ‘Softie’. We tried to remake it a few times but the studio version always felt the best, and it finally found it’s right place on this new EP. It was the perfect bridge between the other two songs, in both it’s sound and theme.
  • question: Where are you located and what is the music scene consist of? What was your most memorable live performance experience?
  • answer: We have lived in Malmö in Sweden for 7 years now, both of us coming from smaller towns originally. The indie scene in Sweden consists mostly of alternative rock and pop. We feel like there’s a lot of nostalgia going on right now. For instance, more and more Swedish artists are singing in Swedish, which hasn’t really been a big thing since we were teenagers. That classic, moody, Swedish pop is definitely on its way back. 
  • question: What are some of your favorite albums? What is one song that has changed your life?
  • answer: We don’t always listen to the same music, but the albums that are favorites for both the of us are ‘Cardinal’ by Pinegrove and ‘Soft Sounds From Another Planet’ by Japanese Breakfast. One song that changed our lives: “Downtown” by Majical Cloudz. I think this is the one song that has inspired us the most through the years. The production is extremely simple, which we love, and the songwriting and presence by singer Devon Welsh is fantastic.
  • question: What has writing the album ‘Marriage’ taught you? What is your personal favorite song on ‘Marriage’ right now?
  • answer: To play into our strengths and trust our own vision. We let the process take time and it payed out in the end, we’re very happy with what we captured on ‘Marriage’. Favourite track right now: “Shiba Inu”.
  • question: Who produces your music? Do you have an ultimate goal for Wy?
  • answer: We produce most of our music ourselves, but collaborate on some aspects. For instance, our album ‘Softie’ was recorded with Joakim Lindberg in Studio Sickan. Right now we take everything one day at the time with no specific goal in sight. It’s hard to keep a plan or deadline with a baby at home, it’s easy to disappear into the family bubble, which of course is wonderful. When inspiration sparks we try to make the most of it before it fades. It’s important to us to make music for our own sake, to keep it fun and fulfilling, and not focus too much on fame or accomplishment. 

we happen to love majical cloudz “downtown” so we are glad to hear you are inspired by the song, and we want to say thank you for the interview

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