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we caught up with way yes for an intimate interview

  • question: We are loving your 2017 album ‘Tuna Hair’ with Way Yes, as it was our album of the year! Can you tell us a little about the backstory of that album? Will you be creating more music with the band?
  • answer: Thanks for reaching out & taking the time to ask these questions! ‘Tuna Hair’ was more of a last hurrah for Way Yes. We went into the studio knowing we’d likely never make another record again. Some band mates were moving across the country & others were just interested in taking a step back from the grind. Lyrically that record was mostly about death, but I think some of it was mourning the pending death of the band itself. I’ve never been quite ready to let WY go, although I’m happy to have it on the back burner as needed. Recently Max (WY band mate Max Lewis) & I have been kicking some emails back & forth to explore some remote collaboration possibilities… we’ll see!
  • question: What inspires you to write about your death so often? Such as on ‘Tuna Hair’ with Way Yes and your 2020 solo album, ‘Time to Die.’ What is your personal favorite song you wrote about death? 
  • answer: Death is something we all have in common so it’s ideal to write about when trying to make music that’s relatable. When writing for WY I often end up singing about things I have the hardest time talking about. The subject matter becomes almost healing when paired with the right musical vibe. Death is a reminder for me that everything is fleeting. My favorite WY death focused song is “Get Dead.” It challenges the range of my voice & I find it easy to tap into strong emotions when performing it. My favorite solo (Glenn Davis) death song is “Time to Die.” I’m proud of the melody, vocal harmonies & easy listening inspired arrangement of the production.
  • question: What is the most rewarding and difficult part of producing a record? What’s it like working with other musicians and mixing their music?
  • answer: The most rewarding part of producing a record is getting to share creative ideas with other people! There’s something magical & unpredictable about the process that never gets old to me. The worst part is powering through the low points. Most projects have an emotional valley where it can feel easier to give up than to finish. When I work as a producer I help shoulder the burden of these lows for the artist & strive to maintain momentum in the project. I think of it like I’m joining the band for that song & contribute everything I can to help the songs shine.
  • question: What was your upbringing like? Where are you currently living and what do you enjoy most about it?
  • answer: I live in Columbus, OH which is where I was born & raised. I’m an only child & learned at a young age how to occupy my time solo. I spent a ton of time drawing, exploring on my bike & playing video games as a kid. I got my first guitar in 7th grade. Writing & recording songs became my primary hobby from then on (& eventually my career). I had trouble making friends until college when I found my stride as a human & started connecting with people who shared my love of music. The people I’ve met over the years are the best thing about living in Columbus. There’s a comfortable not too big, not too small Midwestern vibe here that feels balanced to me.
  • question: Congrats on recently having twin girls! Can you give us insight into what that’s been like for you? What’s the ultimate goal for your future?
  • answer: Thanks! Yes, my life has recently shifted into Dad Mode which has been thrilling!!! It’s challenging at times but easily the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. The biggest adjustment to life with the BBs is just not having free time like I’m used to. I’m getting better at radically prioritizing so I can still work on music projects & spend a large amount of time with my family. Going forward I’ll be hanging out with the fam, working in the studio with clients (production, mixing, mastering) & continuing to release music under my own name as I find time for it!

your twin girls are very blessed to have you as a father, and we want to say thank you for the interview

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