we caught up with talmont for an intimate interview

  • question: We are loving your new song “Afterglow” Can you tell us a little about the backstory of the song? When was it written and recorded?
  • answer: (Martha) Thanks so much! “Afterglow” was one of the first tracks on the record that we wrote. I think it originally came from a beat that Jules came to us with. It was one of those songs that came together really quickly – within a few hours of writing it the majority of the track was mapped out, and not long after that we recorded it! 
  • question: How did the album ‘Laid Under Heavy Lights’ come together? Who is the chief songwriter and who produces your music? 
  • answer: We all work very collaboratively and did across the process of writing ‘Laid Under Heavy Lights.’ We share a lot of the songwriting, I might come with an initial idea and then the three of us will work on it together, or Jules or Joe might come in with something first. We have a similar approach with the production – we’re really proud to have self-produced the album!
  • question: What are some of your favourite films? What are some of your favorite albums?
  • answer: In terms of films, ‘Moonlight’ is absolutely incredible, it’s so beautifully shot and just so captivating from start to finish. I love ‘Whiplash’, too, it’s so tense from start to finish and a pretty unique idea. I’ve not seen anything else like it. For albums, ‘A Seat at the Table’ by Solange is one of my all-time favourites. The storytelling throughout is amazing, and the production has so many beautiful layers. I can go back to it time and time again and always find something new. Self Esteem’s ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ was also one of my faves from last year. I just love how honest and unapologetic it is. 
  • question: What did your childhood consist of? Where do you live and what is the music scene like in the area?
  • answer: I grew up in Lincoln – it’s quite a small place, but my parents both make a lot of music and have always been in bands, so I grew up seeing and playing a lot of different music. As a band, we’re all based in South East London now, and the music scene there is amazing. There’s so many good bands and artists from around here. 
  • question: What is your favourite part of being in a band? Do you have an ultimate goal for Talmont?
  • answer: I really love working with people who have a shared vision, but also come up with new ideas and ways of doing things that I never would have thought of. We’re such a tight unit, and I feel it helps make our music super collaborative, and allows us to be so open with each other throughout the creative process. We just want to keep doing what we’re doing and making music that we love and care about. If people listen to it and enjoy it, too, then that’s everything really!

we were enthralled by the film ‘Whiplash’ as well and we want to say thank you for the interview

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