spirit and the cosmic heart

we caught up with spirit and the cosmic heart for an intimate interview

  • question: We are loving your new song “Shadow.” Can you tell us a little about the backstory of the song? When was it written and recorded?
  • answer: Thank you! “Shadow” was actually the final song composed for our new release. Sitting on my couch at the end of a long day, in a bit of a melancholy mood, I remember picking up my guitar and accidentally falling into the 3 chords of the tune. I remember feeling frustrated with how complicated everything felt at that moment – musical or otherwise. So those 3 chords felt powerful to me. Like, if we can make something beautiful with only these 3 chords, then that will be a simple feat to a complicated moment. “Shadow” felt familiar while writing it, in this strange way – and still does to me.
  • question: How did you come together as a band? Where do you write and record your music? 
  • answer: We are all from small town Florida – born, raised and stayed. Growing up here you either get really good at something, or you get into trouble. For us, it was music – and feels like it always will be. We do all of our recordings in my home, and have never recorded in a studio. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but we enjoy the process this way.
  • question: Who are some of your favorite authors? Who are some of your favorite books?
  • answer: One weird night in St Pete, FL I ended up at the final residence of Jack Kerouac. It was crazy. The family left the home exactly how it was when he passed away in 1969. Newspaper still on the table, plates and glasses still in the cupboard – nothing had been touched. After that I started reading his novels and found a deeper understanding to his work. Often times his mechanical composition over-shadowed his literary value. There’s this sense of longing and searching in his words that really appeals to me – which is often a direct inspiration to our lyric writing now. Nobody really knows what ‘On The Road’ is about, and nobody really cares what it’s about either – I kinda love that.
  • question: Where does the inspiration to write your music come from? Are any of you spiritual, and if so, in what form?
  • answer: It seems we draw a lot of motivation and creativity out of each other’s presence. There’s a chemistry and trust between us all that guides our intentions and we all feel like family to one another which makes for a fulfilling experience. One of us may have an idea in isolation, but we really start learning what our songs are and where they are going because of how much we appreciate how important music is.
  • question: Do you have any plans for a full length album? Do you have an ultimate goal for Spirit and the Cosmic Heart?
  • answer: Yes – we have about half of our first full length written, and are hoping to have it recorded by early next year. Writing a really special full length album has been an ultimate goal for quite some time – moving away from our EP releases. But when there’s an album that you love, from beginning to end, that you can listen to 3 times in a row, and just devour it – that’s what we want to try and do – and I think we’ve found our lane as individual musicians and collaborators, that as a band we are finally ready to try.

we are very intrigued by the visit to jack kerouac’s final residence, and we want to say thank you for the interview

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