we specialize in providing premier music coverage services and access to intimate interviews from artists and bands across the world


Interviews are always the best way to get to know an artist or band and we offer very personalized interviews with questions about their music, and some questions that are typically not asked to get the attention of future listeners.

top 5 albums

Top 5 albums feature is for the top 5 albums of a certain year or artist/band as we take a deep dive and rate each album based off the songwriting, production and how well it has stood the test of time with applicable honorable mentions.

single/ep/album review

We will review your single, ep, or album and write a detailed article about it so that others will be notified of your passion and we will also utilize your photo within the feature to bring more awareness to who represents the musical artistry.

1,000 best songs

1,000 best songs is built around the 1,000 best songs of all-time. these songs are basically perfect and maintain a unique relationship with the listener wherein it doesn’t matter when the song is played, it will be a pleasant experience.

let’s get your music heard by the masses

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